Soltex Vertical Blinds

Our Vertical Blinds are fully-customisable

We can arrange for your vertical blinds to be customised for all commercial and publicity needs. They can extend commercial terraces for a greater usuable surface to fit more tables and chairs. It’ll make your customers want to come back…

Protection against the wind plus extra privacy

Soltex vertical blinds are great for closing off outside areas to protect you against the wind and to give you increased privacy. These make an outside area usable all thought the year. You can also complete shut of an outside area to make an outside room.

It is also much more affordable and more practical than having glazed/wooded doors and windows made.

  • Protection against the wind
  • Increased privacy
  • Can completely enclose an outside area, effectively giving you another room
  • Much cheaper than glazed/wooden doors and windows
  • Can be customised for all commercial and publicity needs